Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Missy Greene and Eric Ziner have dual careers going on at their yellow Birch Farm on Deer Isle . they are both artists and farmers. Here is a spring morning with the season's new kids and Eric doing welding.

Monday, April 7, 2014

POSITIVE IMPACT on the land, Deer Isle Hostel presents at RFS

Dennis Carter and Anneli Carter Sunqvist of the Deer Isle Hostel presented a slide show of their joint project as homesteaders and hostel owners in Deer Isle at the Reversing Falls Sanctuary as part of the Lenten Series titled SPIRITUALITY OF THE EARTH.. A lively discussion followed  the slide presentation about the concepts of making a positive impact on the land and being self sufficient, off the grid with no indoor plumbing. Anneli has written a book documenting a full year as homesteaders. Please view their blog www.Deer Isle hostel.com for full information. I recommend watching the Utube video about their Homesteaders of the Year award by Mother Earth News, 2013. Dennis & Anneli are paired with Deer isle Artist Siri Beckman as part of the 2014 Farm/Art Exchange