Monday, April 7, 2014

POSITIVE IMPACT on the land, Deer Isle Hostel presents at RFS

Dennis Carter and Anneli Carter Sunqvist of the Deer Isle Hostel presented a slide show of their joint project as homesteaders and hostel owners in Deer Isle at the Reversing Falls Sanctuary as part of the Lenten Series titled SPIRITUALITY OF THE EARTH.. A lively discussion followed  the slide presentation about the concepts of making a positive impact on the land and being self sufficient, off the grid with no indoor plumbing. Anneli has written a book documenting a full year as homesteaders. Please view their blog www.Deer Isle for full information. I recommend watching the Utube video about their Homesteaders of the Year award by Mother Earth News, 2013. Dennis & Anneli are paired with Deer isle Artist Siri Beckman as part of the 2014 Farm/Art Exchange

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