Saturday, May 17, 2014

DELICATE CUPS for tea and conversation

TINDERHEARTH PIZZA is now open again for the season, Tuesdays and Fridays

I met with Tim Semler, one of the owners, and we had nettle tea, served in delicate cups with Carolyn Coe. We spoke of what interests me about their farm/bakery, the intergenerational nature of the place. Tim and his wife Lydia are starting their own family and the beginning of the next generation to live at the farm. I am also interested in the integrated life choices of the whole family, farming, music, open Mic, Pizza nights, baking bread & pasteries, but what most interests me right now is the choice to return to the farm and to begin restoring community.  Pizza night is such a festive and dramatic event. I highly recommend it if you've not yet been there. lots of young people, lots of darling children in hand knitted sweaters climbing trees and running free with friends. check their website

the old farmhouse where the wood fired oven is  located. Open Mic happens in the barn to the left

I think this is the best pizza I have ever eaten, thin crust, wood fired, yum!

Tim rolling the pastry dough, ( a wednesday activity)Carolyn Coe

Tim, intern, Erica Moffett, Larry Moffett

The baking is physical and beautiful. it seems more like a dance. the room fills with people who watch and chat and pick up to go orders.

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