Monday, July 28, 2014


 Glory and Noah who have helped immensely with all the garden enterprises by always producing an abundant supply of organic matter for my gardens.  Once again another circle so to speak....from the earth, through the horses and back to the earth.

Hi Pat,

Chris and I have been moving along on our art/farm project. We have created our own unique classical 4-circuit labyrinth garden [most labyrinths appear to be odd numbered circuits], called the Bee Garden Labyrinth, using veggies and flowers.  The Labyrinth Society describes a labyrinth as:  "A labyrinth is a single path or unicursal tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation."  The classical labyrinth is bean shaped, which we felt was appropriate for our garden variety and one circuit is devoted totally in beans.  Chris tells me [she is the labyrinth expert] that when walking the labyrinth and one comes to a corner it is wise to stop and contemplate the turns our lives take.  I have fretted over the weeds, which seem to be growing with leaps and bounds, and then I thought, no life is complete without some weeds...sort of like one can't have a really pretty sunrise without some clouds.  Not to mention that this year we have struggled with the weather, which shows one's struggles in life and persevering to keep going.  Funny but as I wrote that a thought came to me as Chris has been part of the cast for 'Carousel', which I attended yesterday, and the one song in the musical, When You Walk Through a Storm, certainly seems to apply to our garden this year.

I get carried away with all this 'circle' stuff and often think that this little garden also represents all the circles in our lives.  Many years ago I started my own life here on this farm and now it seems to have come full circle as I am back on the farm once again.  Hence the name Goodnight Farm as it is where my husband and I plan to say our last 'goodnight's'.

We are hoping to make our first farm to table delivery to Tree of Life this week...will keep you posted on that!


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