Sunday, July 27, 2014


The Maine Community Foundation  awarded a partial grant to Reversing Falls Sanctuary to fund the professional hanging system and dropped track lighting for our exhibition space called,  THE GALLERY WITHIN, here we see one of John Gray's electrician team installing the track

Daksha Baumann  has been a critical part of this whole process from doing research with me and John Miller to the actual grant writing with our 3 teams: finance, building, programming, to painting and scraping. Our teams are working teams as well as dreamers who envision community building in fun and stimulating programs . Here Daksha has a look at the hanging system which is the thin line of molding running between windows at the top of the windows. A thin steel cable is  ingeniously engineered to quickly attach to the track. each cable is capable of holding 40 lbs. then a stainless steel clasp holds the wire and attaches to the wire on the back of the paintings for a stunning presentation. It locks on the steel cable and also has a closed clasp that secures the art work.

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