Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Greetings from Sweet Dog Farm!

Greetings from Sweet Dog Farm!

We are Bob Jones and Doris Groves of Brooksville. Our artists are Gail Page and Annie Poole.
We are a small plant-based farm and we do what we do for the following reasons:

to promote farming in accordance with a vegan lifestyle which includes emphasis and experimentation with extensive composting and the use of “teas”.

to connect with young people through exchange programs such as WWOOF (Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms).

to oppose Genetically Modified Foods, and the Monsanto and Corporate takeover of
our food systems.

to provide for ourselves and to share with others, fresh, nutrient rich foods.

This year we provided seedlings to the Tree of Life Food Pantry in Blue Hill and continue to donate produce on a weekly basis. We also provide Spring seedlings to the Good Life Center in Harborside.

Here are some of our wwoofers from this season: Chrissy, Liz, Taylor, Lucas and Nicole. Also our good friends Joel and Ivy out at the Good Life Center.

Upcoming projects for Fall of 2014 and Spring of 2015 include:



a closer look at ways of determining and maximizing nutrient density of crops grown

cultivation of grain crops such as amaranth, hull-less oats and wheat.

potlucks and workshops on food issues.

A reading group which will start this Fall

We are supportive of the efforts of Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Penobscot and encourage you all to acquaint yourselves with the work they do in rescuing abused farm animals and shelter dogs/cats. This local organization very much deserves the support of the community it serves.

We think it is important to take on worthwhile projects and to optimize what good we can offer up during a time of mounting fears and uncertainties for the future which include climate change, corporate takeover of our food systems and the unnecessary suffering and cruelty to animals inherent in our present food system. We are looking to build a network with other like-minded individuals and/or groups in the community who share similar goals - that we may evolve into a less violent and more compassionate society through the choices that we all make.

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