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Experience the Wisdom of the Labyrinth                          
Little Miracles on the Path

August  2014

Dear Chris, 
   I'm so excited to share this "Little Miracle" story with you this month.  It comes to us from Chris Farrow-Noble, a member of the Veriditas Council.   Chris and her husband live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and also in Maine.  This story takes place in Maine and is very timely as we reach the harvest time. 

Blessings to all of you in your labyrinth lives.

Veriditas Council
NE Regional Rep
Labyrinth Journeys


The Bee Garden Labyrinth

As part of the Reversing Falls Sanctuary Farm/Arts Exchange 2014 here in Brooksville Maine, I paired up for the growing season with Pam, a woman who was my neighboring vendor at our local Farmer's Market.   Following up on her creative idea, we decided to create a vegetable, flower and herb labyrinth on her farm.  Beginning in mid-May, we planted bush tomatoes, green beans, winter kale, cabbage, dill, parsley, Swiss chard, nasturtiums and marigolds in our four-circuit classic labyrinth.  I learned first-hand about depending on natural rain and conducive weather to help our labyrinth grow.  Ironically, the gently looping "rows" closest to the Center had great difficulty. The dill and parsley didn't flourish, and after several plantings, we replaced them with annual flowers.  They too had a rough time.  Pam has decided that a ledge must exist below the swath of ground, retaining excessive water. Aha! A metaphor from the labyrinth!  Meanwhile, the outer rings of beans, tomatoes, and marigolds burst into color and produce.
Since July 31st, we've delivered weekly produce from our labyrinth and her extensive gardens to the local Tree of Life Food Pantry as our "Farm to Your Table" offering.  On August 10th, we hosted the first Bee Garden Labyrinth Walk, welcoming 26 people to walk the labyrinth, taste our home-baked rosemary shortbread and blueberry lemon squares, and talk about our experiences.  For that occasion, Pam wove a straw figure of Earth Mother, cradling the labyrinth in her outstretched hands.  We now have Earth Mother and a collage of the Bee Garden Labyrinth at the Farm/Art end-of-the-season exhibition called Gallery Within.
Pam has walked the labyrinth several times in pre-dawn moonlight after she finishes her morning chores, including feeding the horses, fox, and crows.  I walk it whenever possible and have shared it with visiting family members. Our friendship continues to blossom. There is nothing like creating and nurturing a labyrinth together...
-Chris Farrow-Noble
August 27, 2014



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